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Posted by Becky Peters on 05/02/2019

ISG – Digital DPIA Development News

The Information Sharing Gateway (ISG) is embarking on a new exciting development in collaboration with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to develop a Digital Privacy Impact Assessment Tool (DPIA)

The GMCA has been awarded Local Digital Funding for this project which aims to use digital technology to improve public services with the creation of a system to simplify the process of undertaking data protection impact assessments. By integrating through an automatic programming interface with the ISG, this tool will provide a seamless transition in the creation of Information Sharing Agreements..

Data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) are a way of considering the risks involved in data processing and provide the opportunity to take mitigating actions to offset that risk. DPIAs form a fundamental part of project planning and can bring great benefits to an organisation. This process is a key part of accountability obligations under GDPR and with the integration of the tool with ISG will help organisations record the details of their sharing practice and mitigate and demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure compliancy.

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